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The cult classic 70s exploitation film death race 2000 is a provocative, ultraviolent rampage. In a dystopian future an annual crosscountry race is put on to entertain the masses in which. Statham appeared in various united states films, some the films as leading role are the transporter, death race, crank, the bank job and war. Mindless, violent, and lightningpaced, death race is little more than an empty.

Echternkamp, and starring manu bennett, marci miller and malcolm mcdowell. I got a name by jim croce song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart position. For the best answers, search on this site not even close. The movieclips channel is the largest collection of licensed movie clips on the web. Listen to and download the music, ost, score, list of songs and trailers. Death race film, action, actors, director movies box. Action hero 3 armored car 3 b movie 3 bare breasts 3 bare butt 3 bomb 3 brutality 3 car crash 3 car race 3. By the end of the film he started to get a friendship with jensen ames and helped him escape.

Inferno 20 and was released directly to video on 27 december 2010. Bozeman writer captures story of young italian hero in world war ii. Death race 2000, like beyond the valley of the dolls, the omega man, repo man and rocknroll high school, is one of those dependable all time favourite trash classics that i watch regularly and never fail to get a smile out of. Composed by pritam with lyrics by sameer, race had 7 original songs, 9 remixes and an instrumental theme. The 15 most heartbreaking deaths in superhero movies cbr. Exploitationmovie auteur roger corman is one of this films producers, but death race is not a remake of his death race 2000 1975. The new movie is about a prison where a sadistic warden lets inmates have the chance to win their freedom by competing in a race to the death until 1 driver is remaining. Having been assigned as security, death arms, kamui woods, and mt.

The 1982 video game maze death race for sinclair zx81 computers and 1983 for sinclair zx spectrum computers resembles the film by its cover artwork, title, and cardriving content. Yes, that ethereal beauty, that sublime actress, that limitless talent, reduced to standing in an observation post and ordering her underlings to. Death race is a 2008 american action thriller film produced, written, and directed by paul w. Anderson jensen ames jason statham finds himself in prison, forced to compete in the death race, a brutal threeday closedcourse payperview event. Also starring tyrese gibson, death race is a supercharged, sick and. Welcome to the death race, where hardened convicts and smokinghot navigators race trickedout cars in the most twisted spectator sport on earth. Deathsport is a 1978 science fiction bmovie produced by roger corman, directed by allan arkush and nicholas niciphor. From gran prix or le mans through death race 2000, mad max and the wraith to a new generation. Death race is a honest to god action movie, without any biggerthanlife pretensions. That was a film about a crosscountry race in which competitors scored points by how many people they ran over 100 points for someone in a wheelchair, 70 points for the aged, 50 points for kids and so on.

She is a former miss universe who lost her crown due to allegations of having a sexual relationship with all of its judges. Rent death race 2008 on dvd and bluray dvd netflix. For instance, as the racers move about the course, they are able to drive over icons that enable weapons or other gizmos in their cars, literally just like a video game. The film serves as a prequel to death race 2008, is followed by a sequel death race 3. All the insane cars in the death race 2050 trailer. Machine gun joe is the anti hero, later the tritagonist of the 2008 film death race. Machine gun joe is a threetime winner of death race who relentlessly pursues his bid for freedom and also a longtime rival of frankenstein. The latter was the title of a really bad sly stallonedavid carradine movie released the previous year with the same general premise.

Death race 312 movie clip rules of death race 2008 hd. Anderson stated in the dvd commentary that he thought of the. Death race 412 movie clip jensens first race 2008 hd. He has a square jaw which juts out a notable amount, small eyes and short white hair, spiked out behind his head. This name generator will give you 10 names for superheroes. Death arms is a very tall, muscular man of a wide build with slightlytanned skin. Superheroes who changed race or gender hollywood reporter. Bozeman writer captures story of young italian hero in. Inferno nude scenes 14 images and 7 videos including appearances from simone van rooyen tanit phoenix yrsa daleyward. Dont bother sitting down to see death race if you like a movie with a solid plot, but. Sentenced to the worlds most dangerous prison for a murder he did not commit, jensen ames jason statham has only one chance to get out alive win the ultimate race to the death.

Death race 2050 stylized onscreen as roger cormans death race 2050 is a 2017 american political satire action directtovideo film directed by g. Now, cbr is counting down some of the most heartbreaking deaths in superhero movies. Only one victory away from winning freedom for himself and his pit crew. All 23 songs from the death race 2008 movie soundtrack, with scene descriptions. Jason statham is an english actor born on 12 september 1967 in derbyshire of england, he is a famous actor in hollywood and in europe. Bmovie producerdirector roger cormans 1975 movie death race 2000. Parents need to know that this movie is a nonstop series of graphic, violent action scenes, with lots of blood and some gore. September jones is the main antagonist of the 2010 action film death race 2 she is death races hostessexecutive producer, formerly of death match. Death race 2 video 2010 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Also starring danny trejo and ving rhames, death race 2 tells the explosive story of how the legendary race began. Oh, and for the last time, death race is the title of the game, not death race 2000. His real name, l lawliet, is only revealed in the guidebook death note. It was never envisioned to be anything other than an attempt at. Death race series is a car combat franchise encompassing a series of films and other media.

The death race remake is one of the most mindless action yarns that doesnt rely on a great plot to deliver something worthwhile for viewers who enjoy these types of films. Death race 2 2010 cast and crew convicted of killing a cop, an inmate luke goss competes in a brutal race where cars are deadly weapons. The race features armored cars with machine guns, flamethrowers, missiles, oil slicks, smokescreens and everything else a group of prison thug. Mildly miffed maxine was a big disappointment and so i had fairly low expectations of death race when i. Death race is a 2008 remake although director paul w. A movie like death race can only be judged fairly through a set of lowered genre expectations.

Also sign me up for fanmail to get updates on all things movies. Death race 2000 1975 rotten tomatoes movie trailers. Death race is a 2008 action thriller film coproduced, written and directed by paul w. Ohba said that l is the most intelligent character in the. It is the closest thing to being a video game without the console. Death race is the story of an convict and former nascar driver, jensen ames whos forced by the warden to compete in a futuristic sport called death race where inamates must race cars and kill each other on the way to victory. I remember when i was 9 he took me to the race movie the last american hero and this was the ending song. Stay in the know with the latest movie news and cast interviews at. Inferno is a 20 american action film and the third installment in the death race film series. Here you will find unforgettable moments, scenes and lines from all your favorite films. He was portrayed by the late legendary actor david carradine in the original, jason statham in the remake, who also played lee christmas, and luke goss in the reboot. Death race isnt high art, but its an impressive piece of exploitation moviemaking. My father build high performance race cars for a living and i use to love to go to the races with him, that was our thing. In april 2007, actor jason statham entered negotiations to star in death race, with.

The script follows correctly an old tested and tried recipe, everything is at its place, and although you can easily plot out the whole course since the beginning, somewhat even this sounds good you simply have the guilty pleasure of savoring again a story. Andersons death race is based, in name at least, on the roger corman cult classic death race 2000. Death race cast and crew cast photos and info fandango. Frankenstein is the main protagonist from the movie series, death race 2000 as well as the 2008 remake called death race and the 2017 reboot, death race 2050.

Kamui woods and death arms originally wanted to scout for talented individuals but they. Death race characters case coach frankenstein jensen aimes machinegun joe prison warden add a photo to this gallery. The 1976 video game death race was inspired by the film death race 2000. The look of the movie is fantastic, too, and theres no director agenda. Enter your location to see which movie theaters are playing death race 2 near you. Heat vision exclusively broke the news that disney is developing a reboot of its 1991 actionadventure movie, which will take place six years after the. Death race 2 cast and crew cast photos and info fandango. After revealing himself to the kira investigation team, he requests that the task force refer to him as ryuzaki for discretion.

The film, follows not only the history of the death race but its most famous driver, frankenstein. Natalie martinez in death race 2008 jason statham in death race 2008 ian. The bluray version of the movie features a digital copy of the film. The transporter star jason statham takes the wheel in director paul w. Death race 2008 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and. The soundtrack of race was released by tips music on march 1, 2008. Although its based on 70s exploitation film death race 2000, this movie forgoes the original films overthetop satire in favor of even moreoverthetop action. When repentant convict carl lucas discovers theres a price on his head, his only hope is to survive a twisted race against an army of. It is the second installment in the death race film series. Any troubling questions of logic or sense will be drowned out by the roar of the engines and the guns, and stathams lowkey actionhero presence makes it easy to watch him. View mobile site jokeypsych endgamehonest galaxyquest.

Lella put his fingers on the monument bearing his friends name, stumbled and collapsed sobbing in sullivans arms. The film is a sequel to death race 2 2010 and the prequel to the 2008 film death race, and was released directtovideo on january 22, 20. In the worlds most dangerous prison, a new game is born. Whether they inspired a heros journey or brought a beloved character to a bitter end, these deaths have tugged at audiences heartstrings and caused more than a few teary eyes.

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